Section 80G 12a ,CSR Registered Institution

(It’s a donation towards the corpus of the Foundation, and is tax exempted under Income tax Act of 1961, section 80-G)

Our Vision & Mission:

Shri Divya Dwarka Dham (Shri Dham Vrindavan) 

A place of Abode for the devotees of Lord Shri Radha Krishna in which devotees of Lord Shri Radha Krishna from all over the world will come and express their devotion to Almighty God and their human birth will be meaningful in which the support of the devotees is inevitable.

Shri Radhakrishna Gau Shala Foundation is the organization where besides attaining Peace of Mind and All round "Body, Soul and Mind" Development, one will be able to get World-Class Online Live Consultancy not only in Astrology, Reiki Healing, Unique first of its kind Attitude-based Therapy, Skill Based, Social Impact, Global Employment opportunity due to Pandemic, etc., but also online collection of Exclusive Devotional items from all over India, whose earnings will also be utilized in Charitable State- of- the- Art Construction and Development of Smart Gau Shala, encompassing Holistic Wellness (Ayurveda) Centers/Resort, Meditation and  Yoga Centre and Yogic Village with Organic Farming for "All Round Rejuvenation of Body, Soul & Mind" for which the support of all revered Shri Radhakrishna's devotees will inevitably, voluntarily, be forthcoming Globally.

All the revered Devotees shall enjoy all the above benefits for the Life Time.



​​​​​Shri Radhakrishna Gau Shala Foundation®


Shri Shri Radhakrishna Sarkar Charan Sevak Jyotish Ratna Bhagwat Acharya SadGurudev Shri Naresh Krishna Shastri Thakur Ji Maharaj Shridham Vrindavan (Sadhak Maa Baglamukhi Devi Ji)

Shastri Ji has dedicated his life to Sadhna of Maa Baglamukhi Devi Ji (Devi [Goddess], who brings Prosperity, Full fill Desires & Removes Negativity and establish Harmony in Home and Life. Shastri Ji's Mission is while uplifting Social causes are also reviving Bharat’s Gau Seva Sanskriti (India's Cow's Culture and Service), under the teaching and guidance of his spiritual master Guruji Shri Rajendra Das Ji Maharaj of Maluk Peethadhishwar Shri Dham, Vrindavan, U. P., India. 

Since early in his life, Shastri Ji was keen to spend a life serving the nation and humanity. The Gaushala is also breaking new ground with Ayurveda, and developing novel formulations with the motto “Swasth Nagarik, Swasth Parivar, Swasth Bharat”. 

Pujya Gurudev Shri Naresh Krishn Shastri Thakur Ji Maharaj, Shri Dham Vrindavan Sadhak Shri Maa Baglamukhi Devi Ji, Maa Pitambara Shakti Peeth, is a renowned celebrity astrologer and Vastu Consultant who has thousands of satisfied devotees and clients Globally.

Shastri Ji inherited the science of astrology from his family. Shastri Ji offers astrology services to people who approach him for Horoscope (Kundli) Prediction. He uses a pure Vedic method of analyzing/predictions based on Horoscope. Shastri Ji is a reliable celebrity name in the field of astrology. We provide India’s well-known, highly qualified and experienced Shastries and Pandits who will come to your Residences/Offices/Industries and perform the puja. Our services also include "Live Online Puja" and also provide Puja Samagri (Items), provide home and office Temples with Pran Pratishta God Statues, Dresses and Pure Gems and Stones, Musical Vedic Mantra's and Marriage Ceremonies (Pehre), etc.

Shri Radha Krishna Gaushala Foundation

India’s unique and trusted online platform for Astrology & Vastu, DMIT Brain Test Reports, Betch Flowers Therapy, Spiritual Hindu Puja Sewa, Vedic Rituals, Religious Ceremonies and Astrology Services.

Our Foundation Also Provide Services ie. Maa BAGLAMUKHI Hawan, Dhan Prapti Hawan Anusthan Greh Shanti Hawan, Vidhi, Shubh Vivah – Wedding Ceremony, Satyanarayan Katha, Griha Pravesh, Namkaran Sanskar or Naming Ceremony, Nava Graha Shanti, Engagement Ceremony, Laxmi Puja, Thread Ceremony or Maunji Bandhan, Ganesh Puja, Annaprashan, Ramayan Paath, Mundan Sanskar, Shri Mad Bhagwat Katha, Vastu Shanti, Sundarkand Puja etc

Foundation is focused on Sarva Dharma Knowledge & Meditation for all-round development of Body, Soul & Mind of Global Devotees. 


Colonel Shri N P Singh Ji

B.Tech., M.Tech. (IIT, Bombay), FIE, CE

Colonel N P Singh is a Paratrooper & Retired Colonel from the Indian Armed Forces, a driving force behind the foundation due to his vast administrative Experience, Social and Global Connectivity.

Post-retirement in 2006, after rendering 33 Years of Army Service, Colonel Singh has held various leadership roles in Infrastructure, Construction & Technology companies across India, US & Israel.

Presently Col Singh Holds global roles in national and international organizations and with the vast operational and diverse Technological and corporate experience steers Smart Solutions for Smart Gaushala and with associated Holistic Wellness Centre/Resorts, Yogic Village, Sarva Dharma Knowledge Dome & Meditation Centre for all-round development of Body, Soul & Mind of Global Devotees.

Col Singh with his all-around vision and global connectivity brings Skill Based, Social Impact, Global Employment opportunity, for the devotees globally in the foundation.

Smt. Amarjit Kaur Ji

"A dedicated workforce of professional backs Shri Radhakrishna Gau Shala Foundation and she symbolizes "Women Empowerment."

The foundation has cherished and nurtured the spirit of creativity and perfection, since its inception. She handles the productivity, creativity and charitable aspects of the Foundation. 

She has experience in Media and Community Services and motivates and trains the staff for continual Improvement in work ethics and culture and above all passion for the socio-economic upliftment of the masses.

Her mission is to pace up with changing socio-economic scenarios in the current global environment and committed to achieving new landmarks in Healthcare, Holistic development, Social activities and Women Empowerment.


Shri "Puran L. Jeswani Ji" 

Hong Kong Based Entrepreneur

Shri Puran L Jeswani Ji, a Philanthropic and an entrepreneur having a wide range of industry experience of 3 decades. His business network expanded in many countries and region i.e India, U.A.E, China, Hong Hongkong, Oman to name a few. 
Jeswani Ji firmly believes in giving back to society, apart from business activities he vividly joins hands with the causes of society and helping the needy. He practices and promotes ages-old yogic and spirituality in life. He understands about the importance of balancing peace, harmony, life, work, business, society and nature.



Radhe Radhe said with love .... Jai Shri Krishna!!

Shri RadhaKrishna Gau Shala Foundation®:

A growing shelter for indigenous cows

Following a drastic decline in the numbers of indigenous cattle breeds in India, it has become imperative to protect native breeds.

“For determining a healthy count for cows, the appropriate ratio is 20 cows per 100 people. There is a drop in the number of cattle, affecting the genetic pool due to poor care for the cattle and proper hygienic shelters. Soon, there will be only a 5 cow ratio per 100 people. The gaushala hopes to reverse this statistic.”

~Gurudev Shri Naresh Krishn Shastri Ji

From over a hundred varieties of cows, there are now only 40 varieties remaining - most of these are on the verge of extinction. Today, finding pure breed cows is a difficult task due to extensive trans-breeding.


In an effort to preserve and protect indigenous cows, Shri RadhaKrishna Gau Shala Foundation® has been set up at the Shri RadhaKrishna Gau Shala Foundation® at Orcha, Dabra Datia Marg, near Betwa River, Madhya Pradesh India.


Jay Shri Radhe Krishna!!

Smart Gaushala

A gaushala (a shelter for cows) is an integral part of the Indian Section 8 - Foundation, primarily holding importance amongst the dairy farming and agriculture community.

Started to revive the gaushala system as well as preserve indigenous cattle breeds, the Shri RadhaKrishna Gau Shala Foundation® Future Project is to set up Smart Gau Shala Shelter for hundreds of cows of 15 different exotic breeds from across India.

The Shri RadhaKrishna Gau Shala Foundation® is environmentally sustainable and profitable to farmers. Each product of a gaushala is valuable and can be used in Ashram and mandir. Native breeds require a minimal amount of hay fodder, which can easily be procured from the farm as a by-product. Shri RadhaKrishna Gau Shala Foundation ® also provides a model for reviving and promoting natural Organic farming.

Facts about Indian cows

Indian breeds have a large hump on top of their shoulder and neck.

There are 40 recognized cattle breeds in India as per the National Bureau of Animal Genetic Resources (2016 report), of which some are on the verge of extinction.

The specialty of Indian exotic breeds is that they serve multiple purposes and their characteristics make them fit for hot and local conditions. The hair, coat, pigmentation, ability to sweat, loose skin and internal body heat are the unique characteristics of Indian cattle which makes them best suited for any adverse climatic conditions.

These cows have noteworthy pest and disease resistance power and they adjust to feed and fodder.

Benefits of indigenous cows

Healthy milk

Cow milk is both sattvic (of purifying quality) and nutritious. Usually, dairy milk sold at stores contains mixtures of milk from various breeds, including buffalo milk, which is high in fat content and tamasic (of lethargic quality).

Indigenous Indian cow milk contains vitamin A2, B, D, E, K, 7 types of minerals, 21 types of Amino Acid, 22 types of salt and 24 types of enzymes in an easy digestive form.

Cow dung

For natural farming, manure is the best fertilizer containing natural pesticides. Dried dung cakes are used as fuel for cooking. Dung collected in a special vat creates biogas, which may be used to provide a stable source of electricity in villages. Fresh cow dung kills bacteria that cause malaria and TB.

Useful urine

Distilled urine (Gomutra) is a miracle medicine that cures a broad spectrum of diseases: from skin disorders to diabetes to cancer. Cow urine also contains iron, calcium, phosphorus, carbonic acid, potash, and lactose. It contains 24 types of salt and several useful medicines are made from cow urine.



So our Respected & Dear

Devotees that is what we are!!


Therefore if you believe in Us and our Foundation Vision & Philosophy, then only Donate to our Foundation to be a Part Of our Noble Mission, In the service of humanity, Social cause and above all Smart Gau Shala, Holistic Wellness Centre/Resort, Yogic Village, Meditation Centre and Integrated City Smart Second Homes.

Foundation shall always be in gratitude for your magnanimity and Generosity.

Heartiest Welcome to Shri Radhakrishn Gaushala Foundation.

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There are various sevas (Charitable Services) available through which you can join us as listed in the table below for the Shri RadhaKrishna Gau Shala Foundation for any occasion you may want to celebrate such as birthdays, child naming ceremonies, anniversaries, celebrations during Gopashtami, during your fasts, in the memory of your parents and ancestors or even just as a normal wish or desire you may have.

You can now join in this Seva Yagya online by filling up the Foundation Membership Form given at the end of the Home Page

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There is no donation too small or too big for this project, and for every single donation/contribution we show our deep gratitude for your thoughts, involvement and association in this great journey. Every Rupee/Cent makes an incredible difference in the lives of these animals who are most dear to the Supreme Lord and so also the Institutions which shall be constructed/ Developed for all-round development of Devotees and Humanity, giving them State of the art Smart Gaushala, Holistic Wellness Centre and Resort, Enlightenment and Rejuvenation Experience for worship for both mental and physical well being. Each donation can be made as a one-time donation, or as a monthly recurring donation, and it is our hope that whatever amount you may consider, as a one-time or monthly recurring donation, You are making these majestic cows and these projects, a part of your family, as per your devotion and convenience.

You may kindly Donate Rupees 101/-, 251/-,501/-,1100/-,2100/-,5100/-, 11000, 21000,31000, 51000 and so on as per your faith, convenience, Reverence and Devotion.


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All the revered Devotees shall enjoy Live world-class Astro, Vaastu,  Reiky Healing, Attitude Therapy, DMIT Brain Test Reports, Bach Flower Therapy Consultancy Products, Skill Based, Social Impact, Global Employment opportunity due to Pandemic, 

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